FTM Alliance

Welcome to FTM Alliance of Los Angeles

FTM Alliance of Los Angeles is a community-based organization dedicated to empowering the female-to-male transgender community, and to increasing the visibility and acceptance of transgender men in Southern California.

We provide resources, support, and leadership opportunities to people assigned female at birth or in childhood who no longer feel that label is complete or accurate, as well as our significant others, families, friends, and allies. Through education, advocacy, and activism, we are committed to creating a society where everyone is free to choose and express their own gender.

To get on the mailing list, volunteer, tell us about events, or ask for general information, contact us at:

Info [at] ftmalliance.org.

We want to work together to build a strong, vibrant trans community in Los Angeles, and to be a voice for trans equality for the various trans and genderqueer communities throughout Southern California.